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4 days ago - Translate - Youtube

American Doctor Jennifer Daniels on how to empty hospitals.

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17 days ago - Translate - Youtube

How very high dose vitamin c treats so many diseases, and why Pharmaceutical research give false very low recommended daily allowances for supplements, so in research they do not work.

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27 days ago - Translate - Youtube

As many of you know, I defeated aids and all aids infections naturally, and a number of other serious conditions my then demolished immune system succumbed to, I did this without drugs all naturally, and lowered my HIV virus by 85.5% probably more by now. I started recently Ozone treatments now my body is strong and my immune system so much better, here is a bit about ozone. At the moment countries like Germany Russia Cuba and more use ozone in nearly all hospitals, they use before and after surgery with some of the lowest hospital infection rates in the world in Germany, a massive user of ozone. People need to be aware of the choices, and decide for themselves. Of course I am a huge advocate. I will follow in the coming weeks with more blogs on my ozone treatments but for now you can read about my journey under HIV AIDS archives on

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Just using 6 volts no more than 1.5 amps, slight infectious build up in lymph nodes poss from inner ear, every 5 mins I swap alligator/ crocodile clips over on battery to reverse current this stops any slight burning etc, the electricity kills bad bacteria and inactivates virus, will do for 30 mins. You can apply this to blood via pulse points, and jaw, tooth infection and many places. You can check out

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