If you are not sure about how to use some of our social network features, hopefully this page will be of some help.


We have a follow system that allows you to follow members. With family and friends you can follow each other to keep up to date with that member. You can browse members and search for family and friends using this page here.

Privacy Settings

You can change your privacy settings here. As default, your privacy settings are public, so anyone can find you and view your profile. If you would like your profile not to show up in search results, you can change your privacy settings to suit.


Create a page for your business to promote your products, services and special offers. Our members will find your business page in search queries. You can create a page for your business here. Your page will show up on the page search here.


Create groups for any topic and invite other members to join. Add admins to moderate your group and allow members to invite their friends. You can create a group here and browse all groups here.


Got something to sell? Create free classified ads here. Looking for something to buy? Browse all items in the marketplace here.


If you have something to write about you can create blogs here. Your blogs will appear on the blogs page here so other members can enjoy your creations.


Need help with anything? Join the Support group here.